Venom & Elixir

An iconic HEA favorite redone from the ground up with a kick of Venom and a dose of Elixir.

Specs then story. Scroll below for how we came up with the Venom and Elixir!


  • 2.65 in. long, 1/8 in. thick stock, S35VN super steel blade
  • Stylized spear point design makes it a fantastic daily use companion
  • Clean, fully rounded, wrap around spine making it smooth to the touch and flush with the scales when closed
  • Fully redesigned flipper tab for optimal deployment without any additional bulk
  • Large cutout for a dramatic stance when the blade is open and significant weight reduction when opening and closing
  • Two-tone ceramic bead blast with a light stone wash and a hand rubbed satin flat finish
  • The action is so dialed in and smooth - once you pop, the fun won’t stop!


  • 4 in. 6Al4V aircraft grade titanium scales making it the perfect size for everyday carry
  • Fully contoured from 0.2 in. down to a dramatic .075 in. making for a very comfortable grip
  • Interior carving reduces the overall weight and makes it that much more carryable
  • At only 3.5 and 3.7 ounces for Venom and Elixir respectively, these pocketable pills won’t weigh down your pants or pack
  • Hidden dual sided thumb reliefs allow for continuous lines on the front and back but easy access to the lock bar when disengaging the blade
  • HEA micro texture on the scales and clip for a great grip when in use but smooth feel when getting in and out of the pockets
  • All the good stuff here - hidden steel lock insert, integrated over travel stop, ceramic bearings, and a ceramic detent ball for smooth action
  • Bead blast and light stone washed finish allows for maximum wear resistance
  • Blue versions will come with a blue anodized finish over the Ti
  • The Venom includes all new deep milling on both sides that takes the futuristic design to the next level
  • The Elixir is fully contoured on both sides making for a super clean minimal look

Hardware, Spacer & Clip:

  • 6Al4V hardware, backspacer, and clip anodized in gunmetal blue and golden bronze to match the grey and blue handles respectively
  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with standard torx accommodations
  • Fully machined hidden hardware clip to match the futuristic styling of the Venom and clean contour to match the styling of Elixir
  • Hidden lanyard hole is offset and built into the spacer and frame, allowing for lanyards to lie comfortably when carried while still retaining a clean look from the front and back 

New HEA Packaging Alert - we have completely redesigned our packaging with an awesome all white on black theme. We also designed a limited edition Holo HEA sticker exclusive to the Venom and Elixir! In the box will also be a microfiber cloth. One awesome perk with our new packaging is everything is now eco friendly and recyclable!

It’s story time!

This story has to start off with the Poison and Antidote - one of our favorite and most loved blade designs launched almost 5 years ago (wow...time flies). The Poison and Antidote were the knife imaginings of the Sabertooth folding comb that was one of our first designs. They were so well received by the HEA family we knew that we wanted to revisit the concept in the future. Since then the EQ V2, Hunter, Flame, and Falcon have taken the spotlight - all the while in the lab the Poison and Antidote were evolving…

As much as we loved the Poison and Antidote, we knew there were so many directions we can take the concept. After carrying them for years, we analyzed everything (as us knife nuts tend to do) from the internals to the action. We knew that there were a few areas we wanted to evolve and adapt for a reimagining of the format.

We knew the pill shape was iconic and we wanted to retain the DNA of what made the Poison and Antidote so much fun. That being said, we still wanted to make adjustments based on all we’ve learned in the models since. These changes fit into 3 (...kinda 4) categories:

  • Design: Completely redesigned the flipper tab and blade
  • Action: Refine the action for ease of use 
  • Style and Ease of Carry: Redesign the milling and interior pocketing to elevate the design language further

After countless design iterations, prototypes, and over 2 years of development, we arrived at two models that had an identity completely their own so we had to give them new names - The Venom and Elixir were born!

The Venom and Elixir bring on a ton of new. A new flipper designed for ease of use and carry. A new blade shape sporting a clean and functional profile with a stunning wrapped and rounded spine. Finely tuned tension making it even easier to open and close (crazy fidget factor on these). And lastly, new milling inside and out. After carrying them for months - they’re sharp, easy to use, and are an overall joy to carry. Stylistically we love the refined lines, flush blade, rounded spine, and overall stance - there’s nothing like it out there! With all these details and a few more left as a surprise for when you get them in hand, the Venom and Elixir are a favorite, evolved for pure everyday carry goodness.

We are so excited to be sharing these with you and can’t wait for everyone to get them in hand. Can’t thank everyone enough for the support! :)

Your neighborhood friendly Sam

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