Abduction Shirt

Note: The shirts run about a half size small so just keep that in mind when ordering. There is a size chart from Hanes's in the pictures section for your convenience. Just for orientation - Abduction design is on the front & HEAdesigns is on the back.

I’ve been wanting to come out with a T-Shirt for the longest time and finally, it's here and it's awesome!

A little backstory here, I spent a lot of time in product and design before HEA and I always loved the idea of shirts as a canvas for creativity. It's one of the few mediums where you get to wear art. I always had a huge “clever shirt” collection and would get fun ideas for shirt designs but never had the chance to make it happen. Fast forward to today and this is the first (of hopefully many) HEA shirt designs.

Futuristic, modern, retro, sci-fi, minimal – all themes that I wanted to play with for this one. I wanted it to be a cool shirt on its own, even if it had nothing to do with knives or tools. I had the idea of having the HEA logo as a planet with orbitals, stars, and other space elements structured around it. I figured there are too many over stylized shirts so it would be cool to have a simplified almost cartoon-esque shirt. When that was done, I felt like it was still missing something. So we added in a UFO as a link to space and what better link than the EQ – the model that started it all! After some tweaks, choosing a color that would really pop, and adding the classic HEAdesigns name and motto on the back, I felt like we had a really fun design that would fit any wardrobe. Couldn’t be happier with how the design came out.

Now to the actual shirt! The shirt is a Hanes Beefy Men’s shirt. We wanted to go with something durable and very comfortable that would last. Their sizing also lends itself to both men and women which was a must. Next, we partnered with my good friend Dennis over at 8 ten creations for some awesome printing tech. The shirts are all printed using discharge printing technology which is epic stuff. The colors are printed into the fabric instead of onto the fabric which makes for a longer lasting, soft print. What this means is that these shirts are comfy, durable and just plain stunners!

We’re really happy to be bringing these out and hope you guys wear your HEA shirts with pride! Let me know if there are ideas you’d like to see in the next shirt via social media or email. :)

Until next time!


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