Nothing roars like The Sabertooth.

Last year, it was a day like most days. I was sitting on the couch flipping a folder (an Eq at the time) with one hand and scrolling through the instagrams with the other. When something hit me. I want to be able to flip more than just a blade. Everyone flips blades. I want to flip a comb. And that's when things started to get interesting. If I was going to make a comb, it couldn't be any comb. It had to be the most technically advanced, feature filled piece of follicle realigning sabertech I could come up with. It had to have all the style and technical prowess of the coolest folders that I already loved flipping in an edc friendly and functional hair combing package. From the darkness of the ice age (or more accurately my noggin) came The Sabertooth. It has curves for days and is possibly the most fun thing to flip since the pancake (so hungry now). Now on to the specs!


  • S35vn steel, 2.7in comb length full flat ground from 1/8in stock w. a stylized comb back

  • Clean bead blast finish with curved wide teeth and backings to accommodate most hair

  • When you flip it, the comb rings like your momma’s triangle when dinners ready!


  • 6Al4V Aircraft Grade Titanium starting at a .18in 3d contoured down to .07in

  • 4in long by 1.1in wide with heavy interior scalloping for weight reduction

  • Machined lock relief, steel lock insert, over travel stop, ceramic bearings and detent

Hardware & Clip

  • 6Al4V Ti hardware and clip

  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with torx accommodations

  • Blind screwed clip and lanyard pin to keep design clean and stunning

  • Ti Screws and standoffs to bring it all together

These features, plus many more, make the Sabertooth one of the most over engineered pieces of awesomeness I could come up with. I love this little guy and working on this project for you all has been a blast. After months of refinement and listening to feedback from the HEA community, we have the Sabertooth ready to roar any place it’s okay to take out a comb. These are an extremely limited run so be sure to grab the one you like! Each Sabertooth will come in an amazing box (you'll see, it’s dope) and with more fixins than a plate of wings at your favorite barbecue spot.

Enjoy :)


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