The Antidote and Poison are the future of knives.

These blades have an awesome story. After coming out with the Sabertooth (the coolest comb this side of the milky way) a lot of people were saying "We love the Sabertooth...now how would that look like... as a knife!" This got me to start thinking - a lot. I took the Sabertooth size and handle profile as a guideline for what was to come next.

I wanted to rethink the whole concept of what it is to design something from the future. Thinking of the basic profile, I knew that it looked like a pill. A pill that could either be a Poison or an Antidote. From there I knew that would have to be the name. Thoughts of the future and space always went hand in hand for me. There had to be a theme of futuristic design language that goes from the blade to the clip to the handles. Everything had to be consistent and the Antidote and Poison had to have commonalities as one is derived from the other!

Fast forward two years of refinement and we have the Antidote and Poison - two futuristic designs sharing the same blade, clip, and spacer but completely different handles. We went with a ton of awesome new features never done before in an HEA model. Two stepped grooves in the blade, a sick tanto with more grind and angle changes than we have ever done before, hidden hardware with a two-tone lanyard spacer, and milling everywhere! We also wanted to maintain some of the themes from previous models so favorite features that people come to expect from HEA are also there. We put a lot of time and attention to detail to get these concepts from the future. Our time machine / rocket ship combo broke down but we think we know how to fix it. There are so many design details here that we cannot wait for you to get these in hand!

Now let’s get into the heart of these beasts - the specs! 


  • S35vn steel, 2.7in blade length flat ground from 1/8in stock w. 4 grinds per side
  • Two tone sandblast and hand sand flat finish with a 2 stepped saber-groove
  • This blade flies out faster than the rocket it came in!
  • 6Al4V Aircraft Grade Titanium starting at a .18in tapering down to .09in
  • 4in long by 1.1in wide with heavy interior scalloping for weight reduction
  • Machined lock relief, steel lock insert, over travel stop, ceramic bearings and detent
  • Fully contoured with futuristic milling patterns on the show and lock side - we haven't seen anything like it!
Hardware & Clip
  • 6Al4V Ti hardware and clip
  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with torx accommodations
  • Blind screwed clip with space age styling to keep design clean and stunning
  • Ti backspacer with split lanyard hole and hidden hardware - the first HEA model with this kind of engineering!
We have also upped our packaging again for these. So expect to see more fixins than ever before! The Antidote and Poison have been a passion of mine and an effort to try and take the design and knife world to the next level. We are super excited to be sharing these with you. The future of knives welcomes you...and there is more to come.
Enjoy :)

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