Custom Equilibrium

 The Limited Edition Custom Eqs are here!

We are so excited to be bringing these out. There are only seven in this limited run. With the help of our friends over at Fanatic Edge we wanted to make this last run of custom eq's extra special.

There isn't a single part on the knives that didn't get the full treatment - every part including screws, spacers, and clips got the same love as the blades and handles - SICK!

All coated up in professional grade cerakote and annodization, there isn't a boring one in the bunch.

As always I wanted to thank you guys for all the support!



There was no modern folding scimitar before The Equilibrium.
The Eq was born out of a question I asked myself two years ago while flipping some of my favorite folders - What would happen if I took the styles of a 9th Century Scimitar but brought it into the 21st and made it fold? I took to pen and paper and started sketching, but I felt that having the blade going into a plain jane handle wasn't going to cut it. (pun intended) We had to ramp things up here. Hidden blade in the closed position, sculpted clip to match the flow of the design, and a profile that hasn't been seen before. Through literally hundreds of modifications inside and out over the past two years, countless hours of shop time and CAD work, we have the most refined and feature packed design ready for your enjoyment.
So that was the start of HEAdesigns as a company. A pursuit to make this very model into the most unique and value packed tool in your collection. Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes - the specs!

  • S35vn steel, 3.8in blade length flat ground from 1/8in stock w. stylized swedge
  • Two tone sandblast and hand sand flat finish
  • This blade flies out of the handle like an angry bull!
  • 6Al4V Aircraft Grade Titanium starting at a .2in heavily contoured down to .05in
  • 4.5in long by 1.2in wide with heavy multi-step interior scalloping for weight reduction
  • Machined lock relief, steel lock insert, over travel stop, multi-row ceramic bearings and detent
Hardware & Clip
  • 6Al4V Ti hardware and clip
  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with torx accommodations
  • Blind screwed clip and lanyard pin to keep design clean and stunning
  • Ti Screws and standoffs to bring it all together
This is a folder you have to get in hand to believe. From the action to the aesthetics and small design details, it’s a stunner. I have done my best to give you the coolest piece I could possibly make. I hope you enjoy the Eq as much as I enjoyed designing it. These are an extremely limited run so be sure to grab the one you like! All Eq's will come in an amazing box (you'll see, it’s dope) and with more fixins than a rack of ribs at your favorite barbeque spot. 
Enjoy :)

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