HEA Hank

The smoothest handkerchief this side of the milky way.

The idea to do an HEA hank started about a year ago at a USN gathering with some great bros. This was the first time I saw people using hanks as backdrops and as a part of their edc. Those hanks were awesome! (I geek out over the small stuff) Later that week I started thinking of cool pattern ideas and after a couple prototypes we finally came up with a pattern we thought was really slick. I liked it so much we did the whole table at Blade with this pattern. So almost as an homage to the comradery I enjoy at USN gatherings and at tradeshows we wanted to bring a little bit of that home in a hank that's done up with the same flavor. 

As always we try to do things a little different at HEA - even when it comes to hanks. The materials are premium and super smooth, the stitching is entirely hidden, and we went extra large in terms of size on this one. Let get into those hankspecs!


  • Silky butter threads that have a sheen unlike any hank we've seen
  • HEAdesigns tag so you can tell where the front and back are
  • HEA pattern on the front in a classy royal blue
  • Sabertooth designs on back for a minimalistic yet slick look
  • Hidden stitching to continue that clean theme
  • 11in x 11in size for even the largest of pocket dumps!

We've been edcing this one for a long time now and love the feel of it! This hank is so silky it makes you want to replace your toilet paper with a roll of HEA Hanks. Can't wait for you guys to get these in hand!

Enjoy! :)


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