Custom Wingman

The Limited Edition Custom Wingmen are here!

There are only four left in this limited run:

  • The Deadpool Edition Wingman, done in the standard Deadpool look (black and red) – classic with minimal edge brushing
  • The Star Wars Edition Wingman, where all the hardware, backspacer, and clip are done up in a vibrant white that really contrast against the all matte black handles and blade
  • Another Deadpool Edition with hand brushed edge detailing all around the handle and blade for a uniquely custom look
  • And lastly, the Blacked Out Wingman, where every part is done up in black matte cerakote and has some sick stealth presence in person

There isn't a single part on the knives that didn't get the full treatment - every part including screws, backspacers, and clips got the same love as the blades and handles. All coated up in professional grade cerakote and annodization along with some really nice detailing – these are pretty amazing!

Hope you guys dig these as much as I do!



The future called...and the Wingman answered.

As always there is an awesome story behind the Wingman. After designing the Antidote and Poison I felt like I haven't fully explored the futuristic aesthetic. I wanted to take it to the next level of design. I wanted to design something that looked like it could move at the speed of light. I've already designed a small blade and a big blade. The next one had to be a perfect mid-size. It had to go in a completely different direction, a new blade shape, a new way to look at an edc.

Given that I haven't done a wharncliffe folder yet I knew that it was the direction I wanted to take it in. Like an eagle, a sports car, a plane - I wanted all the design cues to hint at speed and performance. It had to be a one of a kind design.

It took over two years of design and iteration to get to what you see today. There were over fifty refinements in that time and over a dozen prototypes. This thing kicks ass! There are a ton of new features we've never done before in an HEA model. Full cutouts through the entire design, six dramatic grinds per blade, hidden hardware with a full-length milled spacer, 3D milled wrapped handle milling. We also wanted to maintain some of the themes from previous models so favorite features that people come to expect from HEA are also there (hidden blade, thematic clip, lines that follow from handle to blade and back, two tone blades etc.). This is the sickest offering yet!

We put a lot of care into the design of the Wingman. It'll be your go to. I say that from experience because I've been using it since the first proto was made. It's a utility machine! There are so many design details here that we cannot wait for you to get these in hand!

You guys know what's next, the spbut wait Sam tell everyone the surprise!

We had to go all out on this one. Given that all HEA models are super limited we wanted to take it to the next level. We designed a limited edition, antiqued, copper, Wingman challenge coin! But here's the thing, only 1 in every 3 boxes we send out will have the coin (each is engraved with numbers 1-100). You won't know if you're a winner until it arrives (Charlie and the chocolate factory style)! Good luck! :)

Okay, now the specs!


  • S35vn steel, 3.5in blade length flat ground from 1/8in stock w. 3 grinds per side
  • Two-tone sandblast and hand sand flat finish with full depth speed groove
  • This blade flies out faster than Dominic Toretto at a drag race


  • 6Al4V Aircraft Grade Titanium starting at a .19in custom designed  to angle taper down to .09in
  • 4.8in long by 1.12in wide with heavy interior scalloping for weight reduction
  • Machined lock relief, steel lock insert, over travel stop, ceramic bearings, and detent
  • Full cutouts through both handles with 3D contoured and wrapped edges unlike any other design

Hardware & Clip

  • 6Al4V Ti hardware and clip
  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with torx accommodations
  • Blind screwed clip with design cues that make it feel right at home on the frames
  • Full-Length Ti backspacer with hidden hardware, secure screw tech, hidden lanyard hole, and speed milling down the entire piece

The packaging is brand new…again! So expect to see more fixins than ever before! The Wingman has been one of my favorite projects to date and an effort to try and take the design and knife world to the next level. We are super excited to be sharing these with you. The future of knives welcomes you...and there is more to come.
Enjoy :) 

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