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You’ve never held down your keys quite like this…

Specs first - then story. Scroll below for how we came up with the Anchor!

Main Body:

  • 2.5 x 1.5 x 0.2 inch fully machined 6Al4V aircraft grade titanium body making it nearly the same size as your average house key!
  • At only 0.5 and 0.6 ounces for the CF and Ti insert styles respectively, this won’t add any weight or bulk to your everyday carry.
  • Oversized 1.2-inch hole for securely holding all your key rings, fobs, and accessories - it's large enough to put a finger through and gun spin your keys like your favorite western!
  • Bead blasted and stonewashed for maximum wear resistance
  • 2 Flavors - grey on the Grey Wave and bright blue anodization on the Aqua Drop
  • Machined HEA logo for a minimal refined look on the back

Textured Insert:

  • Integrated and textured insert makes gripping the carabiner super easy when engaging the spring latch and let’s be honest, the inserts look amazing!
  • 2 Flavors - ripple pattern on the Grey Wave and a dot pattern on the Aqua Drop.
  • Inserts are made of fully machined 6Al4V aircraft-grade titanium or carbon fiber depending on the version.

Spring Latch:

  • Robust 1.9mm thick stainless spring steel latch makes it easy to disengage when needed while providing confidence when securing the Anchor to your belt, bag, or burrito (just kidding, burrito might not work).

There are only a few things we carry every day. One thing I never leave behind is my keys. Yes, a knife, phone, and wallet are important but if I don’t have my keys it means mistakes were made. :) For years, I carried a small aluminum carabiner - you know the type, the one that gets banged up, the spring fails, has a wonky shape so it never really hangs right when attached to a belt loop, kinda hurts when you fidget with it - THAT one! I was working on a new model that has something to do with poisons and antidotes…and remembered I had to pick up something from a store nearby. As I grabbed my keys I depressed the latch and not only did my keys fall out - the latch completely broke and I was left with a limp latch (lol limp latch) and keys on the floor. As any good EDC nut would do, I went online that night to find the most awesome carabiner to replace the recently deceased one. I spent hours and couldn’t find anything cool, compact, and useful. They were all either more of the same as what I already had or extremely bulky and overbuilt making them not easily pocketable. It got me thinking - what if we approached the concept of a carabiner from a different angle and made it as easy to use, safe, and convenient as possible while still carrying that HEA cool factor.

We got to work on the Anchor and after 2 and a half years of prototyping, testing, and carrying we couldn’t be more proud to share it with the HEA fam.

The Anchor takes the concept of a carabiner and improves on it across 3 areas:

  • Ease of Use: The Anchor has an easy-to-use spring latch so it can be opened one-handed, it hangs straight when on a loop, and has a unique texture making it easy to grip and locate when grabbing it in a pocket full of keys or other objects.
  • Security: This is a place we saw most carabiners fail. The Anchor has a security section so keys and accessories can’t fall out even when the spring latch is open.
  • Carry Ability: The Anchor is super thin, compact, and has no sharp edges making it a breeze to carry. It also has an oversized hole that makes carrying it on one finger super comfortable - this is especially useful when holding multiple items in the same hand.

In terms of naming - we loved the idea of calling it the Anchor as it locks down your keys. Playing with that theme we knew we wanted to really differentiate the Anchor with fun inserts that were as cool to look at and touch, as they were functional for grip. After dozens of designs, we settled on a ripple and dot pattern allowing us to stay with the nautical theme and have 2 editions for the Anchor, the Grey Wave Edition (a play on the Great Wave painting by Hokusai) and the Aqua Drop Edition. As a small bonus, every Anchor will come with an artistic limited edition Anchor sticker that was carefully designed and brings that aquatic theme to the next level!

There are so many little design details on the Anchor - we’ll save some surprises for when you get yours. They’ll be welcome companions to any everyday carry loadout and elevate your key game to the next level. We’re so excited to be sharing the Anchor with the HEA fam and can’t thank you enough for the support!

Your neighborhood friendly Sam

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