Sabertooth Bead

Unlike any bead, you've seen before.

The Sabertooth bead comes from the Sabertooth model (go check it out if you don't have's amazing!). Over the past few years, the sabertooth tiger has become the badge for HEA. So much so that you awesome folks are all a part of the Sabersquad! In an effort to bring something cool to the table in terms of accessories, I wanted to do a bead that did the awesome blade you guys have justice. And with that came the development of the Sabertooth Bead!

We spent months prototyping these beads to get them just right. There are a ton of details on these. From the teeth, to the fangs, and the references to the Sabertooth badge that many of you own! It's fully done up in 3d - 360 degrees of awesomeness. We love how these came out. I haven't seen a bead this badass before. We paid a lot of attention to the details in making sure they are as comfortable and sick as possible. And with that - the meat and specs!


  • Chrome Black: Full brass with a black mirrored chrome coating
  • Polished Copper: Full copper untreated and completely mirror polished - patina friendly
  • Chrome Gold: Full brass with a gold mirrored chrome coating 
  • Sterling Silver: Full S925 Sterling Sliver uncoated and just plain stunning


  • Height 1in x Depth 1in x Width .65in
  • 1/4in lanyard hole - fits 550 cord easily without de-threading!

There is a nice heft to the beads that make them that much more solid when carrying them on your favorite edc's. We have been carrying these like crazy and can't get over how jaw dropping they are (pun intended). We hope that you guys enjoy these as much as we do!

Enjoy! :)



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