Nano Oil

The most useful oil this side of the frying pan!

I’m a HUGE fan of nano oil. I’ve been using it for almost a decade now and it has been a trusty companion. It is essentially a lubricant that is made up of millions of nano-sized, non-metal bearings in every drop! I’ve used this on everything (use cases at the bottom) but let's just keep it to knife maintenance for now. It excels at providing smoothness:

  • Between blade holes and pivots
  • Detent balls and detent tracks on the blade
  • Washers and blade surfaces

To summarize the above points down - if it needs to be smoother - it needs nano oil! It works best when kept away from ceramic bearings (they’re already smooth as can be) - but for pretty much every other moving part, nano oil works wonders. It can also serve as an anti-oxidant & moisture barrier! This applies to not just HEA knives but on all your knives in general. It’s a perfect companion to any knife maintenance kit and with the free shipping sitewide this is the best deal on nano oil around! :)

Uses of the different weights

  • 10 weight will do the trick 99.9% of the time
  • 5 weight is half the thickness of 10 weight and can be used for really fine applications that you don’t need a thicker liquid (think water like consistency)
  • 85 weight for when you need something thicker - I’ve seen this work well on knife washers that don’t need the speed of a bearings flipper but need to be consistently smooth

Nano Oil can also be used as a lubricant for:

  • Any fix that involves metal to metal contact
  • Machining and tapping
  • Hand tools maintenance and repairs
  • Firearms
  • Flashlight threads
  • Fishing reels
  • Bikes/Motorcycles
  • Bearings & chains
  • RC cars

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