Note: The Hunter is live - no pre-orders this time around. If you place an order it will be on its way! :)

The Hunter started out with an idea - a branching out of sorts in terms of design, usability, and use cases. Here's the story…

One of the first blade shapes that got me excited even before I was into knives was the bowie or clip point shape. It was classic, functional, and ubiquitous among older designs. When sketching one day I thought how interesting it would be to put together a folder that encompassed everything I enjoy about the use of a bowie but also everything I love about modern folders. I wanted to really think outside the box in terms of materials and design elements. In this model I wanted to include, a unique and practical opening hole design, a full G10/CF showside, modern milling with strong ties between the blade and handle, and all at a price point that is more approachable than any model we’ve done in the past and in a package that is extremely easy to carry. This was a lot to tackle but it was also a ton of fun.

Finding a strong balance between a shape that I loved and modern stylings was a challenge but it allowed me to really dig deep to tie this model in with new design lines and features. Amid all this, I had a crazy idea early on - what if this was a dual opener blade? I’ve always loved front flippers from the times where they were mostly present in friction folders and South African knives. What if, as an entry point to front flippers, we design this model with both in mind - this way it is an easier way to enjoy both opening methods without having to be tied to one. This was inherently the largest challenge. How do you dial the action and the design so that the model works really well for both? This took some time…

Fast forward to today and the hunter is here in all its EDC glory. Under 3 inch blade, modern, fun, practical, and lots to enjoy all at a price point that really makes it approachable. The opening hole is super easy to actuate with one hand and gives you an unreal pop of action when using the front flipper or when finger flicking it. The blade has a stunning belly and a great tip for EDC detail work. The handle is super comfortable and it all comes in at a small size so it's really easy to take this one anywhere! On top of all that, the milling helps tie this model in with the design language we’ve used in the past to make it really part of the HEA lineup. Lastly, for those who have picked up an HEA model in the past, the unboxing experience is just as exciting this time around with model specific accessories, custom drawn artwork on the stickers and patch, along with a fitted case and microfiber. We want you to be just as excited about this one as we are!

On to the specs...

There are 7 variations in total -  6 G10 and 1 CF. The 6 G10 options have two variations in a Blacked out style (only for the OD Green G10 and Black G10 options). The Blacked out options have a stonewashed black coating on the lockside, backspacer, clip, and blade (with a satin flat). Otherwise, all 7 options are all the same in terms of materials and finish.


  • 2.85in long, 1/8 in thick stock, 154CM blade
  • Bowie/Clip Point-esque design that makes it very easy to use for daily tasks
  • Stylized milling to tie the design into the handle
  • A unique chamfered opening hole that makes it extremely easy to open and manipulate
  • Front flipper protrusion to allow for effortless front flipping - even for first-time users
  • Two-tone ceramic bead blast with a hand sanded satin flat finish
  • The action on this one is unreal - the fidget factor is off the charts!


  • The showside is one of five materials - CF, Ice Grey G10, Orange G10, Black G10, or OD Green G10
  • The finish on the showside is smooth but not slippery offering a new level of finishing to really bring out the beauty of these materials
  • The lockside is made of ceramic blasted, 6Al4V Aircraft Grade Titanium
  • The handles are expertly contoured, chamfered off, and nice to hold
  • The handles start at .16 inches and contour down to .04 inches
  • The milling on this one is straight out of the future with very unique styling
  • An extra deep round milling feature is on the show side to provide indexing so that when using without looking at the handle, you can always feel where you are on the knife
  • The 3.85 in handle provides great comfort and ease of use
  • A lanyard hole is built into the handle as well for flexibility of carry
  • There is a machined thumb relief, hidden steel lock insert, integrated over travel stop, ceramic bearings, and a ceramic detent ball
  • The weight is 2.8 oz for the G10 version and 2.7 for the CF version - both extremely light when carrying and using the blade

Hardware, Spacer & Clip:

  • 6Al4V Ti Backspacer and Clip
  • Stainless Steel hardware and pivot
  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with standard torx accommodations
  • Clip and backspacer are machined with futuristic styling to tie the entire design together and add some nuanced design touches

So excited to be sharing the Hunter with everyone and can’t thank you enough for the support!

Your neighborhood friendly Sam

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