Note: The Flame is now live - no pre-orders this time around. If you place an order it will be on its way! Also - there are only 99 pieces of the Flame in total so be sure to jump on the version you like before its gone! :)

From the beginning, we’ve always wanted to design amazing, functional tools. The Flame takes this concept to the next level. We’ve been working on this one for 3 years and couldn’t be happier with the Flame you see today. The story begins here…

I’ve always been fascinated by reduction and hidden complexity in design. Nothing makes me happier than having an object for years and then one day noticing a hidden design detail that was purpose-built to improve the product in a subtle yet important way. The lengthy development of the Flame is an exercise in that fascination. How can we reduce the number of parts in a folding knife, hide complexity, simplify, yet excite and provide value in all the ways modern blades have afforded? A broad and tough task I suppose, but as always, a fun challenge.

It started with a profile - one with striking lines. Designing a recurve that is functional, serviceable, and different was the goal - it was also a first for us. Lengthening the lines to allow for unparalleled comfort in the hand, reach, and pocketability is what we were after and it’s where we landed. The lines had to be beautiful - open, closed, and in the pocket. Everything lines up - lines flowing in and out of each facet and grind to give continuity and solid breaking points to create a design unlike anything else out there.

As we we’re designing the model we realized that if we were to truly reduce the complexity - we wanted to explore how it would function as an integral (one-piece handle construction). But that wasn’t enough. If it were to be an integral, it had to be one with curves and flats, unlike anything we’ve drawn up or seen. Something that truly takes advantage of the chance to make a handle out of a single block of titanium. It took us months to get the perfect blended curvature across the model and specifically at the back of the handle to merge to a flat at the front spine of the knife.

This detail combined with 3D surfacing of each facet, flipper design and mechanics, 3D clip complements and positioning, grind flows with the handle, opening hole design, and a crowned spine all added up to the most exciting model we’ve developed to date. Pair that with fast, super smooth action, premium materials, all at a reasonable price, and what you get is not just a tool, it goes beyond that and allows the HEA family to carry something truly special. An object of fiction and imagination. An appeal to the sci-fi knife guy. Or just the perfect edc. However you frame it - its Design Different to the max and we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this guy to life.

Specs time!

The unboxing experience is just as exciting as always including model specific accessories, custom drawn artwork on the stickers and patch, along with a fitted case and microfiber.

There are 4 variations in total. 2 handle options and 2 blade options to choose from. Our classic Grey handle with Gunmetal accents & our Blue handle with Gold accents. For the two blade options, we have the stunning fine blasted grinds with the satin flats and a fully hand polished finish.


  • 3.76 in long, 1/8 in thick stock, M390 blade that carries in the pocket like a sub 3.4 in folder
  • Alienesque, easy to maintain, recurve design with an elongated & chamfered cut out - awesome for finger flicking deployment and a flipper for traditional back of handle actuation
  • Crowned spine and jimping for superior styling and comfort
  • The action here is unreal and a true pleasure to use!


  • The handle is 3D milled and fully contoured out of a single piece of 6Al4V Aircraft Grade Titanium
  • The surface has our classic linear milled texture but is also combined with smooth surfacing to really make the design lines pop and provide texture where needed
  • The finish is a ceramic blasted, lightly stone washed to provide a great user finish
  • The entire handle is only .56 in thick at the thickest point and completely contoured to provide easy pocketability and comfort in use
  • The 4.85 in handle carries like a far smaller knife with its slender height of 1.2 in at its tallest
  • There is a machined thumb relief, steel lock insert, integrated over travel stop, ceramic bearings, and a ceramic detent ball
  • At 4.2 oz, this is one of the lightest and easiest integrals to carry in existence

Hardware, Spacer & Clip:

  • 6Al4V Ti Clip, hardware, and pivot
  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with standard torx accommodations
  • The Clip is machined with matching styling and attention to detail to really complement the entire design

So excited to be sharing the Flame with everyone and can’t thank you enough for the support!

Your neighborhood friendly Sam

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