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Note: No pre-orders this time around. Once you can place your order it'll take a few days for us to process and it'll be on its way. There are a limited number of pieces per variation in total for this run so be sure to jump on the version you like before it's gone! :)

The long-awaited follow-up to the original Sabertooth is here and roaring to tame your mane!

Specs then story. Scroll below for how we came up with the Sabertooth Mini!


  • 2.45 in. long, 1/8 in. thick stock, flat ground 14C28N steel blade
  • Satin ground with a stonewash over the top for a nice rounded finish - for Blackout models the blade is PVD-coated black
  • Stylized rounded wave pattern across the surface of the comb tying in with the handle perfectly while offering a comfortable experience
  • Fully redesigned front flipper tab for ease of deployment while staying hidden in the open position makes using the comb a breeze
  • Action is phenomenal with a solid Sabertooth ring with every flip!


  • 3.6 in. long by 0.9 in. tall G10 scales make it extremely pocketable
  • Fully contoured from 0.16 in. down to a dramatic 0.1 in. making for a very comfortable grip
  • At only 2.3 ounces these pocketable pills are able to go anywhere you go
  • Front thumb relief allows easy access to the lock bar when disengaging the blade making for a fidget-friendly frenzy
  • Ceramic bearings and detent ball for smooth action
  • Stylized wave pattern milling goes from the handle to the blade in one continuous flow

Hardware, Spacer & Clip:

  • 6AL4V Aircraft Grade Titanium clip with wave pattern milling to bring the whole design full circle
  • Stainless steel hardware, skeletonized liners, backspacer, pivot, and hidden lanyard pin - for Blackout models these are PVD-coated black
  • Custom HEA pivot with mirrored AEH on back with standard torx accommodations

New HEA Packaging Alert - we have completely redesigned our packaging with an awesome all-white-on-black theme. We also designed 2 limited edition custom HEA stickers exclusive to the Sabertooth Mini! The stickers will be distributed randomly with 1 of the 2 in each box.

It’s story time!

This story has to start with the original Sabertooth - one of our early models launched over 7 years ago! The Sabertooth combined everything we loved about knives and what we wanted in an EDC comb. Since then we've worked on a ton of projects but always wanted to revisit the Sabertooth format. A few years ago we started taking the original Sabertooth concept and really approaching it from a ton of angles. We made big Sabertooths..Saberteeth...Saberteethes? well, it can't be that last one - but we did experiment with large, small, wide, alternate flippers, materials, construction etc. It was a seemingly endless endeavor but we knew we wanted a summation of all the fun yet practical iterations while still keeping that same Sabertooth DNA. Fast forward a handful of years ( took that long) and we have it - the Sabertooth Mini!

There are a few key areas that make the Mini so special:

  • Size: The new Sabertooth is smaller making for a streamlined, pocketable, and usable experience worthy of the go-anywhere comb-anything philosophy.
  • Opening Mechanism: We spent a ton of time refining the opening method to both be easy to deploy and completely out of the way when open so that combing can be a breeze. This also opened up the idea to change the liner access so that it is the most fidget-friendly comb we could design.
  • Materials: By using synthetics and skeletonized liners we could make something both lightweight and super sturdy for EDC. It also meant that we could retain that awesome ring that the original Sabertooth had when being opened.

There are a ton more details that we won't spoil here but can't wait for you to see for yourselves. The Sabertooth Mini has been one of our favorite projects - sweating over all the details that make an EDC comb both fun and useful and we are so excited to be sharing these with you.

Can’t thank everyone enough for the support! :)

Your neighborhood friendly Sam

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