Space City Shirt


Note: The size chart is in the pictures section. Just for orientation - the round city design is on the front & HEAdesigns is on the back. There are only a few shirts in each size so be sure to pick one up before it's gone! :) 

Once they abducted the knives they used them as monuments...

We wanted to design a follow-up to the first HEA shirt which played with the theme of knives being abducted into space. We started thinking - what would happen if the aliens were smaller than we thought and they used the blades as structures in their futuristic city? We also wanted to design a knife shirt that didn't seem like a knife shirt (low-key tactical? 🤷‍♂️ ). A few fun design iterations later, we came up with this -The HEA Space City shirt! Sporting the iconic HEA Poison as the centerpiece with space vehicles and skyscrapers to set the scene, we wanted to go for a different aesthetic and art style this time around while still keeping to our DNA.

Now the shirt! We wanted to mix things up and went with a slightly lighter wearing fabric that maintains its size and comfort wash after wash. We went with the Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Shirt and it has one of the best hand feels of any shirt we've tried (sounds like it's not a thing but it's a thing 😁 ). The shirt is navy colored with contrasting bright blue printing to really set the pattern off. Lastly, we decided to experiment with screen printing tech this time around to give it a more faded look as it played well with the edge fading and stylized lines on the original design. 

So glad to be bringing this design out and can't wait for you guys to get them in hand (or on torso more accurately). Let me know if there are ideas you’d like to see in the next shirt via social or email. 

Your neighborhood friendly Sam

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